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Helio airplanes are proven workhorses that have been operating around the globe in the harshest environments for over 30 years. The new breed of Helio Courier and Helio Stallion aircraft will feature modern glass panels and interiors commensurate with today’s high end SUV’s. Put the reliability, performance and safety of a Helio to work for you.

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Helio Stallion
Who says bush planes have to be slow?
The Helio Stallion is a 10-place single-engine turboprop bush/utility aircraft. The Stallion features a 750 shaft horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbo-prop engine. The plane is designed to be fully maneuverable and controllable at 37 knots and has a cruise speed of 175 knots. The turbine engine allows the aircraft to be operated around the globe without worries of avgas availability or cost. The new Helio Stallion has an estimated useful load of 3,000 pounds and a range of over 1,000 nautical miles with standard fuel capacity. The Stallion is designed for takeoff and landing distances under 350 feet while carrying 1,700 pounds of payload.

Significant, additional safety qualities of the Helio Stallion aircraft are derived from the design of its basic structure. The Helio Stallion fuselage is part welded steel tube structure and part semi-monocoque (stressed aluminum skin) structure. Loading cargo into the aircraft is made easy with the 5 foot 4 inch wide cargo door, and the absence of wing struts (that would inhibit cargo and passenger loading). The cockpit features individual doors for both the pilot and co-pilot. Huge doors literally open up both sides of the aircraft, and the aft portions can be opened in flight. A hatch in the floor of the cabin is ideal for aerial drops or installation of special equipment such as cameras, infrared systems, winch systems, etc.

For military uses, the Helio Stallion has been outfitted with a wide range of [add AU24 picture] armament carried on four hard points under the wings and a centerline hard point. The hard points, which support 300 pounds each, can also be used for external fuel tanks or as mounting points for imaging devices. A centerline hardpoint on the belly can support 600 pounds. The Company will offer the Stallion in various landing gear configurations, including tricycle landing gear, conventional landing gear, straight floats, amphibious floats, or skis.



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