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Helio airplanes are proven workhorses that have been operating around the globe in the harshest environments for over 30 years. The new breed of Helio Courier and Helio Stallion aircraft will feature modern glass panels and interiors commensurate with today’s high end SUV’s. Put the reliability, performance and safety of a Helio to work for you.

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Helio Stallion

Who says bush planes have to be slow?
The Helio Stallion is a 10-place single-engine turbo prop bush/utility aircraft. The Stallion features a 750 shaft horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbo-prop engine. The plane is designed to be fully maneuverable and controllable at 37 knots and has an estimated cruise speed of 175 knots. The turbine engine allows the aircraft to be operated in many regions around the world where only jet fuel is available or where avgas, if available, is cost prohibitive. The Helio Stallion is anticipated to have a useful load of 3,000 pounds and a range of over 1,000 nautical miles with standard fuel capacity. The Stallion is designed for takeoff and landing distances under 350 feet while carrying 1,700 pounds of payload.


  Helio Courier

If it had claws, it could land on a fencepost.
The Helio Courier offers similar operating capabilities to the Helio Stallion, but in a more economical package. This exceptionally versatile 6-place aircraft will feature a 300 to 400 horsepower engine. It is designed to have a minimum controllable airspeed of 26 knots and a cruise speed of 147 knots. The Helio Courier is anticipated to have a useful load of 1,700 pounds and a range of 912 nautical miles with standard fuel capacity. It can safely operate out of a 500 foot unimproved clearing at full gross weight and take-off and land in areas otherwise only accessible to aircraft such as light, fabric covered 2-place aircraft. Read More...


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