Helio aircraft have been serving bush operators, missionaries, mine operators, law enforcement agencies, aerial survey companies, militaries and a variety of other demanding users throughout the world for over 50 years.

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Transport / Logistics

Need to fly an engineer out to a remote mine in Mexico or bring in the late shift to an oil drilling location in the middle of Texas, deliver a critical part to a logging rig broken down somewhere in the Cascades, or transport a medical patient in critical condition out of a remote area? The Helio will get the job done. If it needs transporting to keep your operations rolling without a hiccup, count on the Helio to be there.

Helio features for Transport/Logistics applications:

  • Easy access to the large cargo doors for loading cargo and equipment because of the high wing configuration with no wing strut
  • No need for a runway – roads, jungle clearings or a flat spot on the side of a mountain will due
  • Cost efficient, reliable and economical operation
  • Big useful loads allow for plenty of fuel to get there and the ability to carry the needed cargo



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