Helio aircraft have been serving bush operators, missionaries, mine operators, law enforcement agencies, aerial survey companies, militaries and a variety of other demanding users throughout the world for over 50 years.

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Personal / Pleasure

Helio aircraft are the ultimate in personal transportation. Whether flying from SFO to your ranch tucked away in the San Joaquin Valley or headed out to your fishing lodge on the Snake River in Idaho, let the Helio take you there with the safety and performance that your lifestyle demands. Whether you are pulling up to the FBO at Westchester County or your ranch house in Texas the Helio will deliver you safely and in style. The Helio has earned the reputation of being one of the safest general aviation aircraft available.

Helio Features for Personal/Pleasure operations:

  • Wide performance envelope offers more fun than should be legal (at least according to the FAA)
  • Tubular steel cage that surrounds the cabin area to protect the occupants
  • Get in and out of remote areas safely and easily
  • Truck like capabilities outside and luxurious creature comforts inside
  • Fly where your friends can’t fly in their Wichita produced aircraft
  • Extraordinary capabilities and possibilities with looks to match as opposed to the painfully ordinary Wichita Winnebago



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