Helio aircraft have been serving bush operators, missionaries, mine operators, law enforcement agencies, aerial survey companies, militaries and a variety of other demanding users throughout the world for over 50 years.

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Missionary work and Helios have been synonymous for over 50 years. The Helio first saw missionary work through Jungle Aviation And Radio Service (now known as JAARS) in the mid-1950's. JAARS and other missionary groups operate Helios today all over the world. They are operating from dirt strips on the side of a mountain, which most people wouldn't even consider appropriate for a Jeep, and from rivers deep in the jungle far from civilization.

Helio Features for Missionary Work:

  • STOL performance that allows safe and routine operations from a 500 foot clearing at gross weight
  • Tubular steel cage surrounding the cabin to protect the occupants when operating in rugged environments
  • Easy access to the large cargo doors for loading cargo and equipment because of the high wing configuration with no wing strut
  • Durable and reliable for extended remote operations where there is no such thing as a service center

User Testimonial

"I've been privileged to fly and maintain Helios for 28 years with JAARS, Inc., in South America, Africa, Philippines and Indonesia. I've demonstrated their unique features at numerous airshows including Oshkosh! I've slept in them, loaded them with cattle or cargo, dropped mail, packages and skydivers, flown aerial photographers, missionaries, religious leaders, school teachers, Peace Corps workers, government officials and statesmen.
As a pilot who has flown Helios in numerous demanding environments, I have always appreciated the confidence that this unique machine gives me because of its safety margin, predictable performance and ruggedness. I enthusiastically, and without any reservation, endorse the aircraft!"

Roger Krenzin
JAARS Pilot/Instructor Pilot/Mechanic


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