Helio aircraft have been serving bush operators, missionaries, mine operators, law enforcement agencies, aerial survey companies, militaries and a variety of other demanding users throughout the world for over 50 years.

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Law Enforcement Security

Helicopters have some new competition in the airborne law enforcement world – Helio aircraft. There is a new era in Airborne Law Enforcement on the horizon. The Helio Courier offers helicopter like utility at a fraction of the cost. Mount a FLIR camera under the wing, a Midnight Sun Light under the belly and let the Helio’s legendary capabilities help you fight crime. This machine is an efficient crime fighter and has no problem flying slow enough to track fugitives on foot . Police forces, private security firms. border patrol, customs agents and the DEA can all benefit from and do a better job with a Helio.

Helio Features for Airborne Law Enforcement include:

  • Slow flight capabilities allow the aircraft to safely track criminals on foot and act as a command post for officers on the ground
  • Costs a fraction of what a helicopter costs and can complete 80% of the missions of a helicopter
  • Hard points on the wings allow for simple installation of surveillance equipment such as video or infra-red cameras
  • Geared engine with a slow turning propeller make the Helio stealthy quiet
  • Comparatively low maintenance and excellent reliability resulting in a high dispatch rate

User Testimonial

"In 1999, it was apparent that our department was in need of a Patrol Support Aircraft. Since we could not afford the startup or operating cost of a helicopter, I was asked by my Commander for an alternative. It didn’t take long for me to respond. I said a Helio Courier. The Helio Courier is probably the safest aircraft that I have ever flown with a minimum steady flight speed of approximately 25 knots. It boasts a no headwind gross weight takeoff distance of 300 feet and depending on skill level, landing half the distance. I had flown various models of this aircraft in the early 80’s to include the Helio Stallion. I new that Helio Couriers were used in South East Asia as a Forward Air Control aircraft and had the capability to have hard points installed on the wings to mount a FLIR Camera system. In mid 1999, my department purchased a 1974 HT-295 and proceeded to make the necessary modifications. Installed on the aircraft were hard points on the right wing for the FLIR camera and a mounting point on the aft belly section to mount a 30 million candle power night sun. After a fresh power plant overhaul and fresh coat of paint the HT-295 call sign “Survey one” went operational at the beginning of 2000. Two and a half years later we had logged over 2800 hour on the airplane operating on an average of 5 nights a week and 5.5 hours a night. The aircraft had very little maintenance and was generally down only on scheduled inspection days. Our estimated mission ready rate was 95%. Our hourly operational cost was approximately $100.00/ hours. Without a doubt, this aircraft has exceeded our needs. If the occasion arises for another aircraft, I would not hesitate recommending the purchase of another Helio Courier."

Sgt. Rick Pearson
Pima County Sheriff Department
Tactical Air Support Supervisor
Tucson Arizona


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