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Helio Aircraft, LLC is comprised of a team of seasoned and successful business and technical people driving the company to meet its goals and objectives by producing the best possible line of bush/utility aircraft in the world.

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Advisory Board

Frederick K. Morris

Following a 44 year career at Hamilton Standard (now Hamilton Sundstrand), Fred has recently consulted on a part time basis to both Hamilton Sundstrand and Hartzell Propeller. The objective of concluding a strategic acquisition was successfully achieved with both clients.

In his last position at Hamilton Sundstrand, Fred was Senior Vice President -International Operations. This entailed P/L responsibility for five aerospace companies in Europe: Ratier-Figeac in Figeac, France; Microtecnica in Torino, Italy; Nord-Micro in Frankfurt, Germany; HS-Marston in Wolverhampton, England: and HS-Nauka in Moscow, Russia. In aggregate, these firms comprise about 2500 employees, provide revenues of approximately $320 million, and operate in worldwide markets. He was also active in acquisitions in France and England, a divestiture in the Czech Republic, and sale of part of Hamilton's Space business to a Japanese firm.

Prior positions included: President, Hamilton Standard Space Systems International; Vice President/General Manager -Space and Sea Systems; Sr. Vice President -Strategic Planning and Administration; Vice President/General Manager --Hamilton Support Systems (a worldwide aviation aftermarket business); and a long stint in establishing and growing the Hamilton Standard Space equipment business (space suits and life support systems) from Apollo through Shuttle/Space Station.

A native of Westfield, MA, Fred graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (1956). He also earned a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1959.

Fred lives in Granby, CT and has three grown children scattered across the US. He is a mediocre golfer/tennis player, an intermediate skier, an occasional hunter, a Porsche guy, and loves to travel.

George M. Klopfer

George Klopfer co-founded Polk Audio with his college roommate Matt Polk, in 1972, and has been running it ever since. This has fed his addiction to making things - that is, to being a manufacturer, especially finely-made, high-technology products. It has also taught him, again and again, the usefulness of staying in close touch with customers, so that one understands what the actual problems are, that they propose to pay you to solve for them. Polk Audio has been a very successful company, and over the years, has built up a great reputation with a lot of people (probably over 10 million of them, in fact) for making a great product they really enjoy owning.

He got his first taste of flying only recently, in 1997, when one fine sunny Southern California day he went for a glider ride with his then-11-year-old son, just because they were bored and needed something to do. He thought "that was really cool!" so he started taking lessons, bought his first glider, then another one, this time with a motor in it (just in case), then decided airplanes were not only for fun, but maybe useful for transportation too, so he bought a Trinidad and learned to fly that, cross-country VFR coast-to-coast. Then he thought, he needed to go higher/faster/further so he bought a higher/faster/further airplane (a Lancair IV-P), and got the instrument ticket punched. Then he decided jets are really cool too, and bought an L-39, which he thinks of as sort of a winged motorcycle (back to that all-important fun part again!). He has a piece of ranchland in Wyoming that would be a lot more accessible with a STOL-type airplane, and in mid-2004 he became involved as an advisor of Helio. So he'll probably add a Helio to his fleet before too long.

Fortunately for George, he is married to a very patient and understanding woman, and his children are too well-bred to point out that he must be nuts.


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