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Helio Aircraft, LLC is comprised of a team of seasoned and successful business and technical people driving the company to meet its goals and objectives by producing the best possible line of bush/utility aircraft in the world.

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Helio Aircraft, LLC is the company behind the return of new production Helio Aircraft to meet the worldwide demand for new utility aircraft. The company consists of a team of seasoned experts from the aviation industry and other industries that can offer proven techniques and skills that can be applied to the Helio Aircraft program. This team has been working together since the late 1990’s to build a program for the return of new Helio aircraft.

The principals of The Company have controlled the Helio assets since 1992. The Helio assets include the FAA Type Certificates for the Helio Courier, Helio Twin Courier and Helio Stallion, along with the tooling and jigs for manufacturing and all design and engineering documentation. The assets were initially purchased to provide documentation for the restoration of both Helio Courier and Helio Stallion aircraft. After the signing of the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA) in 1994, the door was opened for the potential return of Helio aircraft to production. However, several events needed to occur before the company could re-launch production. The market for general aviation, in particular the utility aircraft segment, needed to improve; the Helio product line needed to be thoroughly evaluated for its feasibility in the utility marketplace and financial markets needed to be in a state conducive to funding a general aviation company. The Helio Aircraft team has worked steadily and thoroughly and now concluded that the market is ready, there is not a better line of utility aircraft to meet this market demand than the Helio and that the capital markets open to funding a sound aviation venture like Helio.

The Company completed its first round of funding in August 2004. The Helio Aircraft team is working with its fleet of Helio Courier and Helio Stallion aircraft to develop prototype aircraft. This includes all new instrument panels and avionics, new quality interiors, new rugged tricycle landing gear and a new powerplant for the Helio Courier.

The buyer of a new Helio Courier or Helio Stallion aircraft can expect the same versatility, unmatched performance and safety that has been synonymous with the Helio name throughout the years. In addition, the new models will incorporate the most carefully selected finish, technology, creature comforts and overall product quality that will endear them to new Helio owners.

While the Helio R&D and engineering team is busy with the prototype aircraft, the rest of the team is busy establishing a cutting edge manufacturing program based on techniques used by leading commercial aerospace manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus.


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